Monday, May 13, 2013

Adventure Time "Shh!" Review

A boring, yet somehow exciting episode.

Spoilers ahead!

"Shh!" is a really quiet episode for the most part.

Finn and Jake decided to have a contest to see who can talk with only written signs the longest using. However, they don't tell BMO, who thinks that their bodies have been taken over and hides in a wall.

It's kinda like Issue 15 of the Adventure Time comics, only BMO was much more composed there.

If you're a fan of the quiet episodes, then this is a great episode. Jake's walk inside the wall should be really interesting, if not short. If you enjoy the action and comedic episodes, then the last three minutes will entertain you the most, as well as BMO's panicking throughout the episode.

However, I would like to bring up that during the episode Jake met a bunch of tiny people living in the wall who are sad because living in a wall sucks. I wish that when they had the dance party at the end of the episode that the tiny people had been invited.

8.0 out of 10

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