Friday, May 10, 2013

5 Reasons Why the New TMNT Isn't Bad

My reasons for why all the arguments against the film are unjustified.

1. Michael Bay

Everyone says Michael Bay will ruin this film, but he's not directing the movie he's just producing it. That means his job is to hire the director, set up the budget, oversee the sets, costumes, locations, etc. It's the director's job to oversee casting, decide what script to use and makes the decisions on post-production editing. So ultimately, it's Jonathan Liebesman, not Michael Bay, who decides what the final film will be like.

2. Aliens

They're not aliens. That was just the rejected first script. Every film's first script is rejected. The new 2012 TMNT show initial script was that Splinter would die, April would be black and the Turtles would go to a Hogwarts School for Ninjas.

3. CGI Instead of Puppetry

Please skip to 03:18 - 03:24

This is easily the flimsiest reason why people think the film will be bad. What makes motion capture inferior to puppetry? Need I remind you that the last TMNT movie that used puppetry came out over twenty years ago. I don't recall Rise of the Planet of the Apes getting negative reactions because they didn't use guys in ape suits. Motion capture technology allows for much better special effects than live-action puppetry. Besides, I thought 2007's TMNT  proved that the Turtles could work in a CGI format.

4. Megan Fox

This is the hardest decision to defend. I agree that she isn't the best choice for April O' Neil, but I don't she'll totally ruin the film completely. It depends on how Jonathan Liebesman chooses to portray her that will decide whether or not she can do the role.

5. No One Knows Anything About The Film

You cannot truly hate on a film until you know something about it. There hasn't even been an official plot synopsis released for the film yet. When the trailer is finally released in five or six months, then you can form an opinion on the film.

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