Sunday, April 21, 2013

Adventure Time Issue 15 Review

Magic Man causes visual mischief

This issue was very imaginative and ultra-clever.

Magic Man crashes the princesses' tea party and takes away Finn and Jake's voices, leaving them the ability to speak only in emoticons and images.

The idea of having Finn and Jake having to talk through emoticons is awesome and the way they're arranged, you're never confused about the dialogue going on. The plot and it's conclusion is fun and clever.

Also, I like how they used so many princesses in this issue. I like it when in a series that has a ton of characters and tries to use as many of them whenever they can.

The back up story was okay. Princess Bubblegum downloaded too much information on BMO and it goes into defensive mode and endangers itself and the Candy Kingdom. While I have nothing against this story, it further supports my opinion that Princess Bubblegum's scientific endeavors only creates chaos and catastrophe.

8.5 out of 10

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