Monday, April 1, 2013

Adventure Time - "A Glitch Is a Glitch" Review

April Fools Day Special

I know this episode was leaked almost a week ago and I should probably explain that I don't pay attention to any kind of leaked spoiler out because that I like watch the episodes when they are intended to air. This isn't just for leaks, I'm a fan of Transformers Prime and their episodes air in Singapore two weeks in advance and I only look into those episodes after they air in America.

That being said, I loved this episode.

When most TV shows do a April Fools Day episode, they usually mess with the plot and character behaviors so that they act really weird. Adventure Time left the plot and the characters alone and radically changed everything else about the show.

The plot was really clever, but as interesting as it was, the episode's true highlights existed in the animation and the setting. Every scene was ultra fun and I was always left curious at what the next scene would look like.

In short, of all the Season 5 episodes, this one was the most fun yet.

9.0 out of 10

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