Monday, April 15, 2013

Adventure Time - "BMO Lost"

Can BMO find his way home?

Spoilers ahead!

It's another BMO-centered episode, and my opinion wasn't that high before I had watched it. the last BMO-centered episode was "BMO Noire," and I hated that episode because it was was really boring, the story was lame, and the only good thing you could say about that episode was that it was cute.

As for "BMO Lost", it's better than "BMO Noire" because it actually has a plot that is kinda interesting, but it's still kinda too cute for its own good.

BMO gets nabbed by a giant bird and has to trek across a forest to get home. On the way back home BMO meets a talking bubble (voiced by LeVar Burton) and a forest baby.

The plot is interesting and the Bubble is a nice character and his interactions with BMO is funny. Also his final scene is clever and hilarious.

However, the parts of the episode I didn't like was the parts with the baby. The baby was annoying and overall really pointless to the plot. A good chunk of the episode's running time is spent with this character and that really dragged the episode down for me.

7.0 out of 10

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