Friday, March 1, 2013

TMNT 2012 - "TCRI" Review

The Turtles invade the Kraang base.

Spoilers ahead!

Yet another good episode in the new TMNT series, but a little confusing.

It starts right where the last episode left off with the Turtles trying to retrieve Kraang's power cell from the helicopter, which begs the question, how were they able to catch up with the helicopter after having to push the Shellraiser home?

Anyway, the Turtles lose track of the helicopter and have to go see their old friend Leatherhead, who is none to happy to learn of the loss of the power cell, but after swinging around Donatello's head for a while he calms down.

Later, Donatello figures out that the TCRI building is the base for the Kraang, so the Turtles and Leatherhead go there and find out that the Kraang's master plan is to terraform Earth so they can live there and need April to do it for some reason.

This episode was good, especially the team's invasion of the TCRI building and the showdown with Traag.

However, the Kraang's plan to terraform the Earth makes no sense in continuity with the previous episode. This episode claims that Dimension X has a different type of air than Earth so the Kraang has to change it in order to breathe, but beside a scene or two of them gasping, there has been no type of proof that the Kraang had any problem breathing Earth's air. We've seen them crawling around and fighting the Turtles plenty of times without any type of breathing aid. Maybe it will be explained later but until then it make no sense. Also, near the beginning when the Turtles were chasing the Kraang's helicopter they clearly go through the street being seen by many people and not being very ninja-like.

7.8 out of 10


Okay, I looked into this and found an explanation for the Kraang breathing problem on TMNT season one writer Kenny Byerly's Tumblr blog:

The hexagonal droid interface panels provide some sort of life support system, which is why the Kraang was able to survive while controlling Metalhead. Without being attached to a droid they can only survive a limited time, which is why they quickly scurry away to safety. Whether they make it in time is for you to decide.

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