Wednesday, March 20, 2013

TMNT #20 Review

The Neutrino war comes to a head!

Spoilers ahead!

Leonardo, Michelangelo and the NRF finally go up General Krang and rescue their King and Queen. While the battle is nicely paced, I noticed that after the NRF rescued the king and queen, they pretty much just leave Leo and Mikey to fight off Krang by themselves. I'm pretty sure the princess was the only Neutrino to give Krang's exosuit significant damage (I called it in the last review).

Meanwhile, Donatello and Honeycutt are working on a missile that will disarm all enemies weapons and they have a conversation about how Donatello is the only member of his family that thinks the idea of the mutants being reincarnated is total bunk. This is a nice quiet and welcome moment from the rest of the battle consumed issue, and Honeycutt explains that Donnie shouldn't be so quick to reject that notion.

Elsewhere Raph and Zak trying there hardest to fend off Krang's army, but are clearly outmatched. Luckily Donnie and Honeycutt arrive and save the day by disabling all the enemy weapons.

Back on Earth , Karai has gotten the alien ooze she needs to complete her plans.

As I read the end of this issue I realized that a recurring theme in this comic is that most of the arcs have open endings. Like here, where Krang holds Mikey hostage and is able to trade him for Honeycutt and escapes. There's a conclusion to the arc, but it's always left open so that the villains can get away and strike again at some other time. Twenty issues in and every villain introduced in he series is still in play. This is probably a good thing because this means the writers have no shortage of potential stories they can tell, but it feels kind of like a Deux ex Machina. The heroes probably could have taken Krang down right then and there if one of the Neutrino soldiers had came back to assist Leo and Mikey after getting the king and queen to safety. I'll get a little more into this when I do my collective review of the Secret History of the Foot Clan.

8.5 out of 10

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