Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Deadpool #6 Review

Hell to the Chief

Spoilers ahead!

Deadpool's war against the dead presidents comes to a head as we have the final battle with the last presidents left as they attempt to destroy Washington D.C.

The writers didn't forget about all the presidents Deadpool didn't encounter though. It was revealed that the ones we didn't meet either died in traffic or, even more hilariously, ended up in East LA where they died of ...well... natural causes. But not all the presidents fell to dangers of the modern world, as we get to see Deadpool vs Taft and his glorious flying bathtub, Sudsy. Lincoln also makes his return as the head of Taft's rubber duckie. This is probably the most enjoyable battle since Deadpool cut down the no-name presidents to the music of Pantera in Issue 4.

However, main battle is between Deadpool and Washington. Deadpool is pissed off that Washington killed Agent Preston and goes to avenge her. This is easily Deadpool's most serious moment since the relaunch and the payoff is great.

Also, for a brief moment, Deadpool dies right before the final fight because of Washington's undead powers and is brought back to life by some unseen, heavenly glowing, otherworldly woman. It can't be Death because they've already met. Dr. Strange also shows up after the battle to remind him to set up an appointment to examine the problem he whispered to Deadpool in Issue 3. Whether or not these event are connected to one another or not, I'll be looking out to see how these plot turns unravel.

After the battle, Deadpool has done such a great job that the Avengers themselves congratulate him (although they classify it so Deadpool can't tell anyone they did). However, all is not great, as I was wrong about the Necromancer being able to bring Agent Preston back to life and now Gorman, her commanding officer, blames her death on Deadpool, and not only refuses to pay Wade, but swears revenge on mercenary.

However, even though the Necromancer couldn't revive Preston he could save her mind... and he put it into Wade's head! I'm guessing for the time being she'll be the replacement for the voices in Deadpool's head. Also, I'm noticed Ben Franklin disappeared in this issue and I have no idea why since at this point it's pretty much confirmed that he was real and not just a voice in Deadpool's mind.

I loved this issue and for you to get the full experience you need to buy the issue yourself.

9.0 out of 10

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