Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bravest Warriors - "Ultra Wankershim" and "Catbug" Reviews

Season one wraps up nicely.

Spoilers Ahead!

Sorry for not being able to get this one out sooner, I been busy but better late than never!

Ultra Wankershim

This episode was good but a little slow-paced compared to the others. This episode also introduced the lovable fan favorite character, Catbug, to the series (not including the brief cameo in "Gas Powered Stick"). This episode also leads to a cliffhanger regarding Chris' future as an Emotion Lord.
All in all, there was nothing really wrong with this episode except some of the dialogue feels kinda like padding.

8.9 out of 10


This episode was great, even though the majority of it was just setup for Season 2.

So we learn that Catbug exists in two universes, ours and the See-Through Zone, where the Warriors parents are trapped. Catbug is teleporting between the two universes at random and is bring back gifts for the Warriors from their parents. The gift morph together into a door that may lead to the Warriors' parents.

So now we have two unresolved plotlines. The Emotion Lord plot line and now the Mystery Door plot line. And according Beth's incredibly awesome universally-aware horse, she is the only one who can open the door.

While I was disappointed that the Emotion Lord plot line wasn't resolved here, but it was a really good episode nonetheless with really funny moments and really good setup for season 2.

9.0 out of 10

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