Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bravest Warriors Issue 6

Double Trouble... or is it?

Spoilers ahead!

Sorry it took so long for this review to get up. I've been busy the last week (E.I. slacking off during spring break). Anyway here is the review for Bravest Warriors Issue 6.

The plot kicked off this week by revealing that the evil Bravest Warriors weren't responsible for the Beauty Pageant contestants lost brains. The way the handle extra Bravest Warrior group is clever and funny, however the scene where Wallow and Plum make out with their counterparts is both hilarious and somewhat incestuous.

Then halfway through the comic we take a sudden turn from that plot as everyone but the Warriors disappears and Danny mysteriously lose his brain. They also take this time to address something from the first and second issues that annoyed me. It was when the Warriors solve a sexism problem by blowing up the offending party's planet. Since genocide is the most heroic thing a person can do, I was happy when Danny finally felt bad about it.

All in all, while there's nothing to hate with this issue, we really haven't gotten any closer to finding out anything about the villain's brain snatching plan.

After thinking about it, the story about the brain snatching plot has gotten forward, but while we know the reason for it, we still don't understand why or who's behind it. Chances are we probably won't find out until the last issue in the arc, or at least that's what happened in the last arc.

7.8 out of 10

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