Thursday, March 7, 2013

Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake Issue 3 Review

Prince Gumball finally fulfills his lifelong dream!

Spoilers Ahead!

This issues takes a break from the Flame Prince storyline to introduce Marshall Lee and Prince Gumball. Marshall Lee has crashed into the Tree Fort after a Boy's Night gone wrong, a Boy's Night that Fionna was not invited to! Anyway, Prince Gumball is trapped in a dungeon under his castle and Fionna and friends must save him and help him use a magic oven hes been looking for all his life.

I enjoyed this issue because not only is it fun but once again the characters act unique and aren't just the cliche gender-swap character. Granted, on occasion the story may drag on maybe one or two parts but it makes up for it in many other aspects, such like the awesome scene when when Fionna and Cake defeat and devour a hoard of candy skeletons. Also when Gumball gets to use the magic oven, he uses it to bake Fionna a new retractable, wish-granting sword, and that is like a thousand times cooler than any cake Princess Peach can bake for Mario.

The back-up story, "Sour Candy," is fun but far too short compared to the other back-up stories. Speaking of which, the continuation of "Cootie Power" is set next issue.

8.5 out of 10

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