Friday, February 15, 2013

TMNT 2012 - "The Pulverizer" Review

The most annoying TMNT character ever has appeared!
This episode isn't bad but it's main plot point is poorly executed and it's all the Pulverizer's fault.
He was ultra-annoying and a really really lame character. He is a guy who was inspired by having seen the turtles in action and decides to become a hero himself and he proceeds to screw up all the turtles attempts to save the day through his showboating. Even though Donatello attempts to teach him basic martial arts, the Pulverizer is far too impatient and too much of a doofus, as Master Splinter accurately puts it, to learn anything.

The other plotlines, however, were great. The introduction of the Shellraiser was a good treat and watching the turtle tear through the streets was awesome, although this begs the question of how come no one on the streets is noticing the graffiti covered subway car barrel it's way through New York at high speed. Also Xever, now Fishface, returns to menace the turtles and Baxter has saved himself from the Shredder's wrath. At the same time, the Kraang return to recover their power cell, which powers the Shellraiser.

The episode's plot was good, but the annoying and unneeded inclusion of the Pulverizer ruined the ride.

6.5 out of 10

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