Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nickelodeon's New Line Up

 What will we watch 2013-2014 and what is my opinion on the new line up?

To see the full list and series synopses, go to this link:


Keep in mind I'm just going by the series synopses, which isn't much, for the unreleased shows, so I could be completely wrong about the quality of the show when they do come out.

It sounds like it might be good, I've seen weirder ideas become a success.

Sanjay and Craig
I originally thought that the character from Fairly Odd Parents was getting a spin-off, but it isn't so.

Animated Shorts Program
There's usually a number a good shorts that come out of these kind of shows, like Adventure Time and Regular Show. However, I keep remembering how shorts like "Kyle + Rosemary" and "Sparkles and Gloom" wasn't greenlit 3 years ago and I hope that if any shorts as good as them are introduced, they will get to see full production as television series.

I liked the shorts on YouTube, so this will probably be as good as those.

Monsters vs. Aliens
I liked the movie and every Dreamworks show based on a movie has been good so far.

The Haunted Hathaways
If this show has a serious tone, it might work but if it's a sitcom it sounds like a complete dud.

*I just looked into it. This show will apparently become "The Brady Bunch with a supernatural twist." So yeah, my opinion for this show has hit rock bottom.*

Sam & Cat
This is the show everyone is excited about. I'm not too particularly interested in it. It sounds likes something the network executives ordered specifically so they could continue to cash in on Dan Schneider.

The Thundermans
This is the least appealing of the new show line up. It sounds like a comedic  rip off of Sky High and I'm almost certain it will have lame special effects and green screens like most superhero sitcoms.

Nick Studio 10 and Awesomeness
I'm not sure how to feel about these shows. Sketch shows are hard to predict without having seen some of the sketches.

While not on the list, the Digimon Fusion English dub is scheduled to premiere later in the year.

Victorious, Penguins of Madagascar and Fanboy and Chum Chum weren't on the list for shows getting renewed.

Leave your own opinions in the comments.

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