Thursday, February 7, 2013


I really enjoyed this issue. In the last issue, Chet Allen, secretly Dr. Honeycutt or "the Fugitoid", was taken back to Dimension X by the Neutrino Resistance Fighters (AKA the Hot Rodding Teenagers from Dimension X if the old cartoon didn't tone down the violence from comic) with the Turtles in tow.

I know I made a joke about the cartoon not being violent, so let me explain why that's a good thing. The original 1987 show, the Neutrinos (especially Dask, Kala and Zak) were pacifists who wanted no part in fighting, even though Dimension X was a place of total war and Krang had mercilessly enslaved them and made them second class citizens on their own planet. So it makes more sense for them to be hardened resistance fighters instead of whiny teenage punks.

Back on Earth, Splinter, Casey and April are attempting to make sense of what happen, but they trust that the Turtles will be fine and April decides to go find out more information from Stockgen Labs. This has good setup for more issues for the next arc.

There is also tons of implication that Mikey has a crush on the Neutrino princess. I find this really creepy, a thousand times more than April and Donatello in the new cartoon. It especially unnerving during the scene where Mikey rescues the princess and sunlight beaming behind him makes him look just straight up terrifying.

I give this issue 8.3. It was a good read even with some slow and creepily awkward moments at times.

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