Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Adventure Time - "Vault of Bones"

Finn and Flame Princess go on a dungeon adventure!

Spoilers ahead!

This is the best Flame Princess episode since her first appearance. Beforehand, the most we knew about Flame Princess  is that she had a innocent personality but really dangerous mood swings. However, this episode gave us the biggest amount of character development for her yet.

Plot: Flame King keeps trying to convince Flame Princess she's evil and Finn takes her on an adventure in a dungeon to take her mind off of it. However, Finn's slow paced way of going through the dungeon and fighting enemies bores Flame Princess, who wishes to just fight and burn everything that gets in their way.

With Jake not tagging along we get to see some development in the way for Finn and Flame Princess' relationship and he guides her through the dungeon.

So while this episode is really good, I have complaint about Finn's personality, it feels out of character. Throughout the series he never struck us as the kind of person who moves slowly through his adventures. He went through the dungeon like an RPG hero, such as finding keys and going back every time they find one to see if it would open a treasure chest near the entrance. Finn is the kind of person who would drag the treasure chest around so he wouldn't have to go back.

8.5 out of 10

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