Monday, February 18, 2013

Adventure Time - "Bad Little Boy" Review

The second of the high acclaimed gender swapped episodes is here!

Well this was the gender swap episode everyone was waiting for like a year now ever since the first one aired and it was... okay. It was probably about as good as the first one but for some reason this felt really shorter than the last gender swap episode.

So Ice King has kidnapped some princesses and are making them listen to his "Fionna and Cake" fan fiction, much to their displeasure (I, on the other hand, liked the story until Ice King put himself in it). Marceline, overhearing his tales, comes in and tells her own "Fionna and Cake" story.

The episode is basically centered around Fionna and Marshall Lee's playful harassment of her supposed crush on him.

You know how fanshippers are always pairing up Princess Bubblegum and Marceline to the point that people who actually work on the show itself have to discredit them. Yeah, I never felt much of any type of chemistry or romantic tension between them really. However when Gumball and Marshall Lee appeared, even though they they shared like only 10 seconds of dialogue, the tension levels shot through the roof. I can assure you by this time tomorrow the amount of Gumball x Marshall Lee fan fiction online will have doubled and will still be increasing. Speaking of the fans, Cake's solo performance in "Good Little Girl" will give furry artists material for months.

So yeah I liked this episode a lot, but the time spent in the actual world with Ice King and Marceline cut the time we could have spent with Fionna and Cake and I also felt that the story was weaker than the previous one.

8.0 out of 10

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