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TMNT 2012 - "The Pulverizer" Review

The most annoying TMNT character ever has appeared!

Batman #17 Review

The not so long awaited finale review  to the "Death of the Family" storyline!

Bravest Warriors Issue 5 Review

First of a new arc for the warriors.

Bravest Warriors - "Cereal Master"

This is one of my favorite episodes yet. Chris is getting Beth her favorite cereal for their "jinxaversary," the day Beth first jinxed Chris he couldn't talk until he got her something she wanted, and that was the cereal he is getting for her now.

Without spoiling too much I will say there is a scene that furthers along the Chris' Emotion Lord plot line.

However, the funniest part of this episode is easily the Cereal Master. Her depressing daddy issues and chase scene with Chris made her the most hilarious high point of the episode.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake Issue 2

I liked this issue much more than issue 1 because it feels like much more is happening in this issue.

One of the things I like about the Adventure Time gender-swapped characters is their originality. Most other gender-swapped universes in cartoons and comics are just the regular characters who act a little different because they are opposite genders. In Adventure Time, the gender-swap characters have different personalities and back stories from the original characters. This is especially true for Flame Prince, and I find him the most interesting character I've seen from this miniseries yet.

The back-up story is especially hilarious. It is also the first two-parter I've seen in an Adventure Time comic book. Everyone tells Fionna she needs a bath, a suggestion she continues to vehemently refuses to do. This is also the first speaking appearance of Lumpy Space Prince and he's exactly as we all envisioned him as.

I give this issue an 8.0. It was a good issue and a great follow up from the last one. However, I do have one minor nitpick about the artwork and that is mainly Fionna's buckteeth. I don't know why but I find them really visually distracting for some odd reason. I think its because they appear in almost every scene Fionna is in and they kinda stick out in the artwork.


I really enjoyed this issue. In the last issue, Chet Allen, secretly Dr. Honeycutt or "the Fugitoid", was taken back to Dimension X by the Neutrino Resistance Fighters (AKA the Hot Rodding Teenagers from Dimension X if the old cartoon didn't tone down the violence from comic) with the Turtles in tow.

I know I made a joke about the cartoon not being violent, so let me explain why that's a good thing. The original 1987 show, the Neutrinos (especially Dask, Kala and Zak) were pacifists who wanted no part in fighting, even though Dimension X was a place of total war and Krang had mercilessly enslaved them and made them second class citizens on their own planet. So it makes more sense for them to be hardened resistance fighters instead of whiny teenage punks.

Back on Earth, Splinter, Casey and April are attempting to make sense of what happen, but they trust that the Turtles will be fine and April decides to go find out more information from Stockgen Labs. This has good setup for more issues for the next arc.

There is also tons of implication that Mikey has a crush on the Neutrino princess. I find this really creepy, a thousand times more than April and Donatello in the new cartoon. It especially unnerving during the scene where Mikey rescues the princess and sunlight beaming behind him makes him look just straight up terrifying.

I give this issue 8.3. It was a good read even with some slow and creepily awkward moments at times.

Adventure Time - "Little Dude"

I think this was episode was okay. It was an standard episode for Adventure Time, it was entertaining but nothing really important happened. I like the fact they brought back the wizard from "Mystery Dungeon" because as I said in the "Mystery Dungeon" review, there are a ton of Adventure Time characters who appear only once and are never seen again, so it's always refreshing to see a character return and play a part in the episode plot. I give it a 7.5. "Little Dude was funny and entertaining but nothing we haven't seen before.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Adventure Time - All Your Fault" Review

Another good episode this week. The Lemongrabs return as they create their own Candy Kingdom. We learn some interesting tidbits about PB, such as she created the Candy Kingdom herself through the same method she used to create the Lemongrabs. It was a great fun episode with a nice little twist at the end. I give it a 9.0.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Batman #16 Review

Here we are at the penultimate issue of the "Death of the Family" storyline. Here we get to see how Joker has twisted Arkham Asylum in a "Bat Castle," full of torture and death. We get a fantastic fight scene where Batman single handily takes out an army of inmates armed in knight gear. We also get a pretty neat scene where Batman punches a knighted horse and mounts it to travel across the asylum until he has to battle his "subjects" in the form of his worst enemies. Which begs the question of how Batman was able to defeat Mr. Freeze, Clayface and Scarecrow in succession with only one move on each. The scene where he finally meets Joker in his "throne room" is something you have to see to believe so I won't spoil it here.

This issue was really good, however my biggest complaint was when Joker revealed he had taken down the entire Bat-family, not because it was bad, but because it made no sense. If you had read the previous issue you will have seen the entire Bat-family safe and sound, that means that all the tie in books, (excluding Catwoman, Suicide Squad and Detective Comics) all happened in ONE NIGHT. I checked on this, after Batman regrouped with the Bat-family, he immediately set off to get the Joker, with the textbox indicating that he was planning to take Joker out that very night. This is the biggest stretch of our suspension of disbelief. The story itself claimed that the entire crossover event was taking place within a time span of less than a week and we are expected to believe that he somehow in that short amount of time he took over Arkham and turned it into a Bat Castle,  killed high ranking members of the Penguin's rival crime organization to blackmail him, attacked both Catwoman and Harley Quinn, kidnapped Alfred, killed Jimmy from the circus, freed Raya from prison and turned her into a zombie clown, and finally he set up all these convoluted traps and set ups to subdue every member of the Bat-family and defeats them all in one night. It wasn't even one full night seeing how Joker was able to take them all down and get back to Arkham in time to greet Batman.

So this was a great issue in a good crossover comic even if its timeline is questionable.

Detective Comics #16 Review

The "Death of the Family" storyline is the first Batman event comic I've read and I'm liking it so far. It has no real connection to the previous issue other than Emperor Penguin. The main storyline is about Batman having to with the Joker fan boys who have turned to crime. Some of them are violent, some of them are crazy and some are just dumb kids looking for trouble. However, the most notable of them all are the League of Smiles, a cult who kills to honor of the Joker. This story was okay, but how it ties into "Death of the Family" is beyond me. Also, there is a scene where a kid in the League of Smiles rejects being like Joker and cuts off his own tattooed face. Now when Joker's face was cut off, artists differed about how much of the muscles were cut off along with it. But here, you see that most of the kid's face muscles were intact and you can even see how thin the wound around the skin is. That means this kid somehow cut around his mouth and peeled of the epidermis layer of his skin like tape.

The back-up story, "Pecking Order", is the more notable part of the comic. This story is about the Penguin;s former right hand man, Ignatius Ogilvy, now calling himself "Emperor Penguin," taking charge of the operation and getting the other crime bosses he's aligned with to go along with his plan to kill their enemies and blame it on the Joker. The story is pretty good set up for things to come, however Ogilvy is not the most respectable villain I've seen. There's other stories with him in it that I haven't read so there may be some facts about him I don't know, but from the the two issues I have read of him he looks lame as a villain. Every time he presents himself as "Emperor Penguin" in his over dramatic fashion, I keep expecting the people in front of him to start laughing. Not only does he looks like a blonde Vanilla Ice cosplaying as the Monopoly Man, but as another reviewer already pointed out, he talks as if he despises the Penguin, but yet he's trying so hard to imitate him. Yeah, I know Ogilvy blew off some crime boss' face with a laser umbrella when he spoke out against him (having your face removed seems to be a recurring theme in Batman lately), but keep in mind, in the DC Universe it isn't that hard to get your hands on high tech weaponry, so anyone there easily has the ability to do the exact same thing to Ogivly. So, I'm looking forward to more of this if just to see if Ogilvy improves more as a character.

The Detective Comics tie in books to "Death in the Family" felt more like set up for other stories, but John Layman, the comics writer set out to do that. When he pitch the Penguin story to DC Comics, he didn't know about the crossover, so he wrote a story that shows how Gotham is being affected by Joker's return. I guess it better that he wrote a pretty good story that barely relates to the crossover instead of trying to write a crappy and contrived story to connect to the crossover. Also, it wouldn't make sense for the Joker to appear in this comic since he's battling Batman and the rest of the Bat-family in every other Batman comic book.

Adventure Time: Mystery Dungeon Review

This episode was a pretty good one despite it's ups and downs. I liked it because it focused more on the side characters rather the main ones because Adventure Time introduces at least 5 new characters every episode and then we usuallly  never see them again. So its nice to see the show focus more on those side characters every once in a while. Also, why do I get the feeling that the scene where Lemongrab eats pie out of the giant rat's mouth and/or the scene where Tree Trunks pumps Lemongrab up with her trunk will create disturbing memes and fan fiction.